“So, do you take insurance?”

“So, do you take insurance?” This is one of the most common questions that a new patient asks me. My answer is no, I am not contracted by any insurance companies. However, if your plan has out-of-network benefits, your treatment may have the potential to be reimbursed.   Why is this such a common question? … Continue reading “So, do you take insurance?”

The Neck Pain Epidemic Part II: What to do about YOUR neck pain?

There are plenty of self treatment strategies and ideas that I give to many of my patients to treat their pain. One of the most important things that every patient should know about PT is the 99:1 Rule. The time spent in the clinic accounts for 1%, The other 99% is the time spent making positive changes on your symptoms. That 99% holds much more value than any time spent with your therapist. Here are some of my favorite tips and tricks to fix neck pain and optimize your 99%.

Injury Prevention

“I had some knee pain during my workout class, but I think I’ll just rest and it will go away.” Most of the patients whom I work with are avid in the fitness world, whether it be Bootcamp, CrossFit, OrangeTheory Fitness, or running. Most everyone comes to me for the treatment of pain in various … Continue reading Injury Prevention

Have you ever felt pain during running?

  It is not “normal” to have pain while you run. Many people who have this complaint describe the pain as happening in the beginning of a run, but then it “works itself out”. Others report the pain after a certain number of miles, or just after the run is completed. All of these complaints … Continue reading Have you ever felt pain during running?